The Rovers Three
The Roers Three is "a kind of Irish band. We sing and play all types of music from Irish drinking songs, to mountain music, to gospel and rock and roll. The idea is for us and the audience to have fun and you can occasionally join in on the singing."

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The Rovers Three
The Rovers Three (2007 Independent CD-R)

Michael Knott - vocals, guitars
Chuck Daniher - vocals, guitars
Howard Knott - vocals, guitars

01) The Rovers Three (theme song) H. Knott re-recorded on Go Irish
02) I'll Tell Me Ma traditional re-recorded on Go Irish
03) Wabash Cannon Ball traditional  
04) Gypsy Rover traditional re-recorded on Go Irish
05) Moonshiners traditional  
06) Island Girl H. Knott  
07) Need A Lassie M. Knott re-recorded on Go Irish
08) Irish Astronaut Daniher re-recorded on Go Irish
09) Freight Train traditional  
10) Ragtime Cowboy Joe traditional  
11) The Boyos H. Knott original version on L.S.U. - Dogfish Jones
12) Keep on the Sunny Side traditional  

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