Struck Last May - 16 Flowers
According to their MySpace page, "Struck Last May is a two-person experimental conceptually based project laid upon the foundation of guitars and samples, directed by the orchestration of emotion." This is a very accurate description. SLM's music is very experimental - unlike anything else Michael has done before.

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Struck Last May
16 Flowers (2007 Hill deg Maria Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Arranging, Production, Mixing
Rick McDonough - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Kyboard, Green Box magic, Recording & Engineering, Mixing

01) Over Oceans Knott, McDonough
02) Fraidy Cat Knott, McDonough
03) Bundle Up Knott, McDonough
04) Pollen Knott, McDonough
05) Impossible Knott, McDonough
06) Recovery Knott, McDonough
07) Sunshine Beach Knott, McDonough
08) Footing Knott, McDonough
09) Like Milk Knott, McDonough
10) You Are Me Knott, McDonough
11) With Wrong Words Knott, McDonough
12) Go Cart Ragazza Knott, McDonough
13) Fireworks Knott, McDonough
14) 16 Flowers Knott, McDonough


Comments about Struck Last May - 16 Flowers
Thank you for your support of both Michael and SLM!

Comment posted by Rick McDonough on Friday, October 12, 2007 at 03:00 PM
The only Michael Knott album I really do not like. I have probably 2/3 of his recordings...and this one just doesn't work musically...just drags...I really wanted to like it...but gave up after a few listens.

Comment posted by Mike on Monday, August 25, 2008 at 09:50 PM
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