L.S.Underground - PTSD
In the July/August 2007 online exclusive edition of HM magazine, Mike announced that there will be a new L.S.U. album "in the next year and it will be the heaviest L.S.U. album that I’ve ever done. I've got the whole thing figured out and it will be heavy."

Remastered in 2011 by J. Powel (Cliffy of The Huntingtons). The Remaster was released in 2012 as the Legacy Edition by Retroactive Records.

PTSD (Independent 2010)
Produced by: Michael Knott and Joshua Lory

Michael Knott - Lead vocals, guitar
Rick McDonough - Guitars, lap steel, keyboards, background vocals
Brian Doidge - Guitars, bass
Jim Chaffin - Drums
Joshua Lory - Bass, acoustic guitars, percussion, mixing
Matt Biggers - Guitars
Casey Prestwood - Additional guitars
Daniel Sonner - Dumbek

Masaki Liu - Mixing, Mastering

01) Acclimation 3:45 Knott
02) Souls Are Low 3:48 Knott
03) The Hallows 3:19 Knott
04) My Redemption 4:28 Knott
05) Child's Prayer 3:38 Knott
06) Miss America 4:04 Knott / Lory
07) A Shade of Pain 3:16 Knott / McDonough Re-recorded version of "Shaded Pain"
08) Lights Out 2:40 Knott / Doidge
09) Never Gonna Come back 3:44 Knott / Lory / Verdecchio
10) Forever 4:41 Knott
11) What Is Love Fighting For 5:02 Knott


Comments about L.S.Underground - PTSD
A few production notes:
Michael Knott-Vocals
Jim Chaffin-Drums
Joshua Lory-Bass
Matt Biggers-Guitars
Casey Prestwood
Additional Guitars
Produced by Michael Knott
Additional Production-Joshua Lory, Mix
Mixed/Mastered/Drums Recorded by Masaki Liu

Comment posted by josh on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 02:36 PM
Thanks for the info! I edited your responses into one comment and added them to the main page. I am getting really excited about this album!

Comment posted by KnottHead Matt on Friday, March 28, 2008 at 02:36 PM
Love this album...

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