Steev Baker - Intricate Remedy
Steev Baker states that this song is for Mike Knott, written with him in mind. This appears to be an earlier version of the song later recorded by The Inkwell Collective on Falling Signs.

album cover

Steev Baker
Intricate Remedy (2004 Independent)

Steev Baker - vocals, instruments
Jon - Live drums at the end of "Hello Hospital"

01) Berry Lake 3:20  
02) She Wants Her Little Boy Back 3:40  
03) Mel Gibson 3:04  
04) The Prodigy 4:22  
05) Wisconsin Moonlight 3:59  
06) Jesus on Lithium 3:01  
07) Hello Hospital 3:56 Written for Michael Knott
08) What Nehemiah Said 3:28  


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