Michael Knott - Losing Angel
Recorded on the 2003 Spring Tour. Information below was originally pulled from an online tour journal and then updated recently by Drew Neely. This album was initially recorded at Drew's studio, and then overdubs were done at a studio in Toronto, Canada. Michael at times has said that Losing Angel would not be released, but recently FB posts by some of the musicians that worked on it indicate that it will be released soon.

album cover

  Michael Knott
Losing Angel

Michael Knott - Vocals, Guitars
Mike Ford - Drums
Drew Neely - Guitars
Lance Ayers - Drums, Bass

Possible songs titles so far:

Andy Warhol
Annie Get Your Gun
Losing Angel
Jet Girl
The Beggar
Doing Fine
Dizzy Daisy
The Controls
Sun Shine (new version)

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who knows...this album may see daylight afterall....

Comment posted by Drew Neely on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 07:24 AM
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