Michael Knott - Even Star
Even Star is an upcoming solo project by Michael Knott. One song from the project has been circulating as a demo. According to Down the Line magazine:

"Even Star will hopefully come out sometime before Christmas." Michael explains it, "This record is a trip, it's not super heavy, it's kind of light as far as the mix and the tones. There are some really cool songs on it." This album was inspired by Liv Tyler's character in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and as Michael relates, "It's not like I'm really in to that kind of stuff, but I was in to her character, so I decided to do a whole record about it. It's real interesting because it starts to change in to this spiritual thing as well, one where God is involved. It's a whole different angle, but it's a trippy record."

album cover

  Michael Knott
Even Star (upcoming release)

Michael Knott - Vocals, Guitars
Brian Doidge - Bass

Possible songs titles so far:


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